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"The SABRE project and the SABRE Proof-of-Principle" - Antonello et al. (2019)


"The SABRE project and the SABRE Proof-of-Principle" - Antonello et al. (2019)

Alan Duffy

This is the main collaboration paper for the dual hemisphere dark matter detector project SABRE. It outlines the various efforts underway to reduce contamination of the Sodium-Iodide crystals that react (we hope!) to colliding dark matter particles as well as an active veto system that removes background sources of radiation from our data collection. These efforts are being tested right now with the SABRE Proof-of-Principle (PoP) detector in Italy’s underground Gran Sasso Laboratory, and show that the full SABRE system will revolutionise the search for dark matter. In particular it can decisively rule in / out the claim of the DAMA/LIBRA experiment and its claim of detecting the annual modulation signal as the Earth moves with and against the Sun’s motion through the galactic cloud of dark matter.