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Media profile of Swinburne astronomer Associate Professor Alan Duffy, Lead Scientist of the Royal Institution of Australia, with appearances on TV, radio and print speaking on dark matter, dark energy, galaxy formation, indigenous astronomy and alien worlds. He is an experienced public speaker, science communicator and leading expert in space science and astrophysics.

I am a passionate believer that any science concept can be explained to any audience in a fun and accessible way. I've tried to prove that's true on topics as diverse as Black Holes to Alien Worlds in more than 150 TV interviews (including fortnightly ABC Breakfast and regular Ten's The Project segments), hundreds of radio broadcasts, a column in theconversation, articles for Cosmos Magazine and ABC The Drum, and many more print / online pieces besides. I have a lot of fun asking (and I hope answering!) those questions that the audience at home would be curious about. See my CV for more.


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