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OfficeMax and Winc STEAM Grant Program for schools is open!


OfficeMax and Winc STEAM Grant Program for schools is open!

Alan Duffy

Really excited to finally share something that’s been in the works for a while, I’ll be lending my weight to a national grant program for schools to purchase cool experiments - through the OfficeMax and Winc STEAM Grant-Bot Program.

STEAM is about the skills required to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; and how engineering and design processes and principles are used to achieve an outcome. Initially, students of STEAM need to identify a problem. They then create possible solutions to that problem, which can be tested. The skills are inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning.

OfficeMax and Winc Grant-Bot Program has been designed to give STEAM in schools an extra boost by providing grants that will give schools the opportunity to secure extra funding for hands on classroom resources as well as accessing lesson plans and inquiry units on the Cool Australia website.

It’s obviously an awesome thing for schools to share $50,000 worth of grants to buy cool experiments, but I particularly love that students will see first-hand a key trend in their future - the finalists will be selected based on a smart algorithm ‘Grant-bot’ (with my and leading whale researcher Dr Vanessa Pirotta’s help!)

To all the school teachers out there, you only need to submit a 250 word (or less) entry before July 12 on the site explaining why you and your school deserve to win. And grant-bot does the rest.

Good luck!