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What's Next 2018

Alan Duffy

I've kept the previous post up but sadly it's with regret that I have to pass on the message from Lateral Events that despite all our best efforts, What’s NEXT? has been cancelled in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. All ticket buyers will be provide with a full refund within the next seven days (i.e. mid-August latest) by Ticketmaster or Ticketek. Sorry all.

I cannot believe I get to write this but Nobel Prize-winning and Interstellar science consultant Prof Kip Thorne is touring Australia and I AM ON STAGE WITH HIM! Prof Kip Thorne is quite literally one of the smartest humans in the world, co-sharing the Nobel-prize for finding gravitational waves. 

Tickets are out NOW. Get them at the LateralEvents link and I'll see you soon Australia... but more importantly you'll see the future with Prof Kip Thorne. And that is an unforgettable experience.

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Gravitational waves

Alan Duffy

The discovery of gravitational waves is legitimately one that will be remembered for generations. We are now able to see into the universe with an entirely new sense beyond our conventional telescopes, as far removed from sight as sound. A huge day and I ended up chatting to The ProjectChannel 7’s Weekend Sunrise as well as mamamiaVICECosmos and theconversation but seriously I could keep on for weeks, this is the biggest discovery that I’ve witnessed in my scientific career.

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Gravitational waves remain elusive

Alan Duffy

Einstein predicted ripples in the very fabric of spacetime itself from violent collisions by massive objects like Black Holes. The latest search to find those ripples, or gravitational waves, have come up with only limits. Was Einstein wrong about these waves or is it our understanding of merging black holes? My thoughts in Cosmos Magazine.

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