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Feeding black holes - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

An amazing discovery by the ALMA telescope of giant clouds of cold gas falling towards a supermassive black hole, seen as shadows against the bright glow from this feeding black hole. In addition I discussed the worsening global light pollution phenomenon and a surprise chain galaxy found by citizen scientists from Russia using the Australian Radio Galaxy Zoo!

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Kip Thorne on Interstellar Blackholes

Alan Duffy

One of the best science lectures I've ever seen was at Monash University by Caltech's legend GR expert Prof Kip Thorne giving the Einstein Centenary lecture to celebrate a century since General Relativity was released to the world. Fittingly, he used the examples of Interstellar's Black Holes, time dilation and 5-dimensional (bulk) beings to make the topic all the more accessible to the (sold out) auditorium.

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Gravitational waves remain elusive

Alan Duffy

Einstein predicted ripples in the very fabric of spacetime itself from violent collisions by massive objects like Black Holes. The latest search to find those ripples, or gravitational waves, have come up with only limits. Was Einstein wrong about these waves or is it our understanding of merging black holes? My thoughts in Cosmos Magazine.

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