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Joining the Questacon Advisory Council


Joining the Questacon Advisory Council

Alan Duffy

I am thrilled (and also a little intimidated!) to join the Questacon Advisory Council and help, in whatever small way I can!, Australia’s leading science communication and engagement centre. Each year, Questacon welcomes over 500,000 visitors to the two facilities in Canberra while more than 660 000 see their exhibitions in other museums and centres around Australia and overseas. Outreach programmes take to the roads each year, visiting an additional 110 000 in towns and communities across the country.

Our world is beset by enormous challenges that require more science and technology not less to address, and Questacon is on the frontline of ensuring the next generation is inspired to study STEM and this generation is more scientifically literate to make those informed choices in their lives that enable that greater science and technology to be undertaken. I can’t wait to help Questacon in its mission “to promote greater understanding and awareness of science and technology within the community” and at all times committing “to making that experience fun, interactive, and relevant.” Who wouldn’t want to help that?