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Sniffing out a Super Earth - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

Fun way to start a week chatting to ABC Breakfast News about NASA's WFIRST mission, a former spy satellite now repurposed as a new wide-eye Hubble space telescope! I also explained how we measured the atmosphere of a (roasting hot) super Earth for the first time (it's cyanide, don't move there) and how the Sun destroyed potentially dangerous asteroids by baking them into oblivion..!

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Spooky Halloween asteroid - 7’s Weekend Sunrise TV

Alan Duffy

I spoke to Sunrise on 7 about the asteroid TB145 akak “Spooky” or the “Great Pumpkin”. An asteroid flying by Oct 31st 17.05 UTC (Halloween!) which is 4am Nov 1st for Melbourne. Awesomely it looks like a skull. It will pass by over a third further out than the Moon, although a close shave by astronomy standards there's seriously no threat AT ALL so don't panic, just enjoy the show.

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Spooky interview on death stars and dead comets on Halloween - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

A spooky interview as an object (fittingly a 'dead' comet) will flyby Earth on Halloween just further than the Moon's is from us. I spoke about the furthest galaxies from us that Hubble has found (using a high-tech martini glass) and a dead star that is tearing apart the planets in its solar system that will likely happen to use in five billion years time.

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