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Appointed SpaceTech Applications Program Lead


Appointed SpaceTech Applications Program Lead

Alan Duffy

It’s fair to say I love all things space, but I have a particular fascination with developing novel uses of space to help us back on Earth. At Swinburne’s Data Science Research Institute we try to bridge the divide between discoveries in academia and their potential commercial uses in Industry. The more discoveries make it to the marketplace and help our local companies, the more people will benefit. Within the Institute we apply the very latest data science techniques according to themes (while data is data, it helps to a subject matter expert to provide context!)

My background in big data, supercomputing and astrophysics meant that I naturally was attracted to the SpaceTech Applications program, and have focussed on three specific focus areas:

  • MinEx through Earth Observation

    Satellite data can be used to support exploration, remote operation and monitoring of closure in the mineral industry, as well as providing new insights into the landscape using the latest machine learning techniques and imagery.

  • Astrophysical solutions for hyperspectral imagery

    Astronomical facilities typically operate 10x higher resolution, and larger wavelength coverage than the latest space observations - and these tools can be used to deliver results outside the field of astronomy.

  • Emergency products with data fusion

    Data fusion can support emergency services on the ground in rapidly changing situations be it bushfire, flood or landslide, but requires uniquely challenging combinations of both complimentary wavelength and rapid cadence observations.

Working across the university and our data science experts to find solutions to current industry needs that can make Australia a healthier, wealthier and safer country? The next few years will be fun!