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Eureka! I won an award!


Eureka! I won an award!

Alan Duffy

To my amazement (and with gratitude to the judges!) I won the 2018 Celestino Promoting Understanding of Science at the Australian Museum’s national Eureka Awards. This is basically the highest honour scientists who communicate that science to the public and that it was decided by an illustrious judging panel who I look up too is an incredible feeling of support and acknowledgement. Why does it matter so much that we recognise scientists who try to explain science?

Well, very simply, Australia is facing many challenges that require more science not less, which is why it’s so critical to promote and explain science to ensure an informed electorate can make the right choices for our future.

It’s a great honour to be recognised for helping to inform the public, but I can only do this thanks to the ongoing support of Swinburne and the Royal Institution of Australia. I’m proud of these two organisations, as well as the award sponsor Celestino, for their drive in promoting science nationally and beyond!

A quick write up at Swinburne, a feature in ABC’s Science Show and the other amazing winners on the night.

My video shown on the night…

Some beautiful photography of the night at the Sydney Town Hall, and since it was such a swish event I was rocking the bowtie (not that I need the excuse). My thanks to the team at Salty Dingo photography for the photos…