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3D printing in space - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

Fun chat on the ABC Breakfast TV couch describing the latest in 3D printing tech - on board the International Space Station!  It allows astronauts to print off any spares as needed, including a new tool designed by a high school student! I also chatted about Saturn's flawless rings seen by NASA's Cassini spacecraft to have a blemish by a nearby moon's gravity and CSIRO's upgrading of the largest telescope on Earth, China's FAST.

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Government innovation and Geminids - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

It was a busy day preparing for the Government’s new innovation policy, I chatted about what I hope to see and also what I thought would happen. Then I was able to sneak in some tips on viewing the Geminids meteor shower next week as well as some astonishing new images from the recent New Horizons flyby of Pluto.

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