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Inflatable space stations and landing rockets - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

Read my thoughts on an incredible week for commercial exploration of space at theconversation or watch on ABC Breakfast News. It started with Bigelow Aerospace successfully inflating their BEAM attachment to the ISS. If the two year long test of this inflatable space module works then they plan to launch larger inflatables to form a commercial space laboratory as well as potentially even a space hotel! This week also saw the landing at sea of a rocket for the third time in a row by SpaceX. Now they need to demonstrate an economic refurbishment and relaunch of any of these three rockets to usher in a new era of space travel.

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The Private Space Race

Alan Duffy

The incredible success of Elon Musk's SpaceX in landing on a barge at sea opens the way to potentially reusable rockets, slashing the costs of space travel. The same Falcon 9 had launched a potentially groundbreaking new space module, a blow-up (or inflatable) habitat by Bigelow Aerospace known as BEAM that has now docked with the International Space Station.

I was lucky enough to get to write for ABC The Drum about this, as well as speak to TripleJ Hack about what this might mean for the future of space exploration.

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Hidden stars and baby Earths - ABC Breakfast News TV

Alan Duffy

A fun chat on ABC Breakfast News TV about 500,000 never-before seen stars found by the Hubble Space Telescope in the centre of our galaxy, incredible observations of a 10 million year old star with planets forming (one at the same distance from it as the Earth is from the Sun!) and an inflatable space room for the International Space Station launching this weekend!

I gave a full write up of it in theconversation too..! 


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