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"Predictions for ASKAP neutral hydrogen surveys" Duffy et al. (2012c)


"Predictions for ASKAP neutral hydrogen surveys" Duffy et al. (2012c)

Alan Duffy

Duffy et al. (2012c)

Using one of the largest simulated universes in existence (the Millennium Simulation) we populated the Dark Matter haloes with detailed Neutral Hydrogen gas (which radio telescopes can detect). By 'observing' these objects with the expected performance of the Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope we created a series virtual surveys that ASKAP can be expected to detect. These catalogues are as detailed and real as we can hope to have until we turn the telescope on. Some incredible fly through movies and images are available (be warned they can be pretty large). Reference: Duffy, Meyer, Staveley-Smith et al 2012 MNRAS 426 3385D